Page setup is a set of formatting attributes which is stored in each section of a Word document. Microsoft Word Automation’s ActiveDocument.Range.PageSetup is a “shortcut” to set the same page setup for all sections of a document. Aspose.Words only provides access to the page setup of individual sections via the Section.PageSetup property so any document-wide changes to page setup must be applied for all sections.


            string mypath = "Document.docx";
            Word.Application wordApp = Application;

            this.Application.ActiveDocument.Range(1,2).PageSetup.PaperSize = Word.WdPaperSize.wdPaperLetter;


            Document doc = new Document( "Section.ModifyPageSetupInAllSections.doc");

            // It is important to understand that a document can contain many sections and each
            // section has its own page setup. In this case we want to modify them all.
            foreach (Section section in doc)
                section.PageSetup.PaperSize = PaperSize.Letter;

            doc.Save( "Section.ModifyPageSetupInAllSections Out.doc");


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