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Save VSD file to different file formats(VDX, PDF and JPEG)


VSTO lets you program with Microsoft Visio files. To save a file to other formats:

1. Create a Visio application object.
2. Make the application object invisible.
3. Load the diagram.
4. Save to VDX, PDF and JPEG.
5. Quit the Visio application object.

//Create Visio Application Object
            Visio.Application vsdApp = Application;

            //Make Visio Application Invisible
            vsdApp.Visible = false;

            //Create a document object and load a diagram
            Visio.Document vsdDoc = vsdApp.Documents.Open("Drawing.vsd");

            //Save the VDX diagram

            //Save as PDF file
                "Drawing1.pdf", Visio.VisDocExIntent.visDocExIntentScreen,
                Visio.VisPrintOutRange.visPrintAll, 1, vsdDoc.Pages.Count, false, true,
                true, true, true, System.Reflection.Missing.Value);

            Visio.Page vsdPage = vsdDoc.Pages[1];

            //Save as JPEG Image

            //Quit Visio Object


When programming with Aspose.Diagram, you do not need Microsoft Visio on the machine, and you can work independently of Microsoft Office Automation. The code snippets below show how to:

1. Load a diagram.
2. Save the diagram to VSX, PDF and JPEG.

//Load diagram
            Diagram vsdDiagram = new Diagram("Drawing.vsd");

            //Save the diagram as VDX
            vsdDiagram.Save("Drawing1.vdx", SaveFileFormat.VDX);

            //Save as PDF
            vsdDiagram.Save("Drawing1.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF);

            //Save as JPEG
            vsdDiagram.Save("Drawing1.jpg", SaveFileFormat.JPEG);


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